Handbook for Veterinary Clinicians 5e


Author: Bhikane, A.U. & Kawitkar, S.B.


Binding:  Paperback

Pages: 440

Year: 2016

Distributed by: Prashant Book Agency

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This book is useful for final year B.V.Sc & A.H. students, Field Veterinarians, Laboraty Technicians and Students appearing for the Competitive Technical Examinations and Interviews.

Dr. A.U. Bhikane is presentely working as Professor & Head, Dept. of Medicine and TVCC in Veterinary College, Udgir.

Dr. S.B. Kawitkar is presentely working as Associate Professor of Animal Nutrition in Nagpur Veterinary College, Nagpur.


Section-I (Anatomy and Physiology)

  1. Bones and Joints
  2. Circulatory System
  3. Respiratory System
  4. Urinary System
  5. Digestive System
  6. Reproductive System
  7. Nervous System
  8. Sense Organs
  9. Endocrinology
  10. Anatomy and Physiology of Fowl

Section-II (Medicine, Surgery, Gynaecology)

  1. Incetious Diseases
  2. Systemic Disese
  3. Production Related Diseases
  4. Poultry Diseases
  5. Reproductive Disorders
  6. Reproductive Technologies
  7. Surgical Conditions and Operative Techniques
  8. Poisoning

Section-III (Disease Diagnosis, Therapy, Control)

  1. Clinical Examination
  2. Laboratory Techniques
  3. Drug Therapy
  4. Antimicrobials
  5. Blood transfusion and Fluid Therapy
  6. Health Control Measures
  7. Integrated Livestock Pest Management

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