Physical Environment: Atmospheric, Aquatic and Terrestrial Environment (Teaching Guide Manual for PG Students)


Author: Dr. Priyanka Singh & Dr, Rani Devi


Binding:  Hardback

Year: 2020

Pages: 362

Publisher: Agri BioVet Press


About the Book

The Manual is consisted of eight chapters in all spreading over about 350 pages. Assembling and pooling scattered information/literature generated by various authors, covering various pertinent aspects of physical, aquatic and terrestrial environment to minimize the hardship faced by the students pursuing various PG academic programs in search of appropriate study material. The Manual has been designed to cover the whole stretch of issues pertaining to all the three important components like physical, aquatic and terrestrial of environment and various processes involved. It is in this context that this manual is being prepared in the light of students’ requirement. The ultimate goal of this teaching manual is to provide in simpler way the scientific information and guidance required in teaching focusing on key principles and valuable aspects of all the three major aforementioned components of the environment.

About the Authors

Dr. Priyanka Singh: She is currently serving as Assistant Professor (c) in the department of Environmental Science and Engineering, GJUS&T-Hisar- Haryana (India), and engaged in teaching Environmental Science courses to UG and PG students for the last about seven eight years, out of which about eight years (2012 onward) in GJUS&T Institute, which is a reputed multidisciplinary institute of Northern India and has seventeen research papers to her credit published in reputed National and International journals and has made presentation in various conferences. Author has also published three manuals (Manual on “Physico-Chemical Properties of Soil” and “Manual on Water Analysis”) Teaching Manual on Environmental Impact Assessment and Management and a book on “Environmental Studies” for UG students.

Dr. Rani Devi: She is currently serving as chairperson of the department of Energy and Environmental Science, CDLU-Sirsa (Haryana), one of the leading state residential universities of Haryana. She has number of research publications in renowned national and international journals, guided number of M.Sc. and Ph.D. students and books to her credit.


1. Structure of the Atmosphere
2. Composition of the Atmosphere
3. Ozone Layer
4. The Earth-Sun Relationship
5. The Climate
6. Weathering of rocks and minerals
7. History of Global Climate Change
8. Global Water Balance


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