Author: J.E. HODGINS

ISBN: 9789384502560

Binding:  Hardback

Year: 2018

Publisher: Agri BioVet Press

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Part I. contains the practical anatomy or conformation of the horse, and should be carefully studied.
The diseases and treatment of the horse follow in Part II. Chapter I. lays the plan of how to examine a sick horse, and as the reader proceeds it will be found simple in the extreme.
The comparative anatomy, diseases and treatment of cattle in Part III. will likewise be found as simply and satis­factorily explained as that of the horse.
The diseases and treatment of sheep, found in Part IV, are fully dealt with, and it will be found by persons who read and study this part of the book that sheep are as easily treated as any of the other animals. The same may be said of the diseases and treatment of pigs, dogs and poultry, found in the same Part.
The medicines and receipts that constitute Part V, are a very important part of the study; they are fully and prac­tically explained. The receipts for making liniments, lotions, powders, blisters, etc., are very valuable to everybody, especi­ally those interested in stock, to which it may now be said the farmer looks for a livelihood.
The index, as will be seen, is a prominent feature of the book

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