Publish with Agri-Biovet Press, New Delhi

We are the leading publisher on Agriculture, Veterinary, Biotechnology, Fisheries, Microbiology and other Allied Subjects. Our editorial team looks for the best new ideas about sustainability, working closely with leading experts to develop innovative, empowering works.

Our books are made available worldwide through our partnerships with online retailers, bookstores, distributors and academic libraries. To make certain our publications reach the right audience, we engage in a wide range of global marketing campaigns, attend major book fairs and specialist conferences, and maintain close relationships with academic associations. Our exacting standards are not only reflected in our rigorous peer-review process. They also extend to all stages of production, which are handled by a team of local professionals. We advertise all of our publications in our many catalogs and brochures, as well as on our website and in key periodicals.

If you’re interested in publishing with us, you can explore our current catalogues to learn more about our recent publications and get to know our talented editorial team before submitting a proposal. 
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