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Binding:  Hardback

Year: 2017

Publisher: Agri BioVet Press

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1. Genetic Material, 2. Gene Segregation, 3. Mitosis, 4. Meiosis, 5. Segregation in Man — Multiple Allelism, 6. Independent Segregation, 7. Gene Interaction and Phenotypic Expression, 8. Gene Interaction and Continuous Traits, 9. Multiple Alleles and Lethals, 10. Pleiotropism, Penetrance and Expressivity, 11. Studies of Human Twins, 12. Sex-Linkage, 13. Sex Determination (I), 14. Sex Determination (II), 15. Intergenic Linkage, 16. Crossing Over and Chiasma, 17. Gene Arrangement and Chiasmata, 18. Changes Involving Whole Genomes and Single Whole Chromosomes, 19. Structural Changes within Chromosomes, 20. Cytogenetics of Oenothera, 21. Natural and Induced Chromosomal Changes, 22. Position Effect and Allelism in Drosophila, 23. Gene and Point Mutations, 24. Point Mutants — Their Detection and Effects in Individuals, 25. The Genetic Control of Mutability, 26. The Gene Pool in Cross-Fertilizing Populations, 27. Mutation and Selection — Nonrandom Mating and Heterosis, 28. Mutational Loads and Their Consequences to Populations, 29. Races and the Origin of Species, 30. Developmental Genetics, 31. Biochemical Genetics (I), 32. Biochemical Genetics (II), 33. Chemical Nature of Genes, 34. Organization, Replication, and Types of DNA in Vivo, 35. Replication of DNA in Vitro, 36. Bacteria: Clones and Mutation, 37. Bacteria: Recombination (I. Transformation and Chain Recombination in Vitro), 38. Bacteria: Recombination (II. Conjugation), 39. Bacteria: Recombination (III. The Episome F), 40. Bacteria: Recombination (IV. Episoines and Nucleotide-Sharing), 41. Bacteria: Recombination (V. Transduction), 42. Viruses: Recombination in Bacteriophagc (I), 43. Viruses: Recombination in Bacteriophage (II), 44. Viruses: Bacterial, Animal, and Plant, 45. Extranuclear Genes and Their Interrelations with Nuclear Genes, 46. Gene Action and Operons, 47. Gene Action and Amino Acid Coding, 48. The Biochemical Evolution of Genetic Material, 49. Genes — Nature and Consequence, 50. Author Index, 51. Subject Index.

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