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Author: KUTE, N.S.

ISBN: 9788192229027

Binding:  Hardback

Year: 2013

Publisher: Agri BioVet Press

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1. History and Plant Breeding Activities, 2. Plant Introduction, 3. Plant Genetic Resources (Germplasm), 4. Mode of Reproduction, 5. Modes of Pollination, 6. Male Sterility, 7. Self Incompatability (S. I.), 8. Release of New Varieties, 9. Genotype X Environment Interaction and Its Importance In Plant Breeding, 10. Systems of Mating, 11. Methods of Breeding in Self Pollinated Crops, 12. Pedigree Selection, 13. Backcross Methods, 14. Clonal Selection, 15. Mutation Breeding, 16. Breeding Methods for Cross Pollinated Crops, 17. Synthetics and Composites Varieties, 18. Use of Distant Hybridization in Plant Breeding, 19. Breeding for Disease Resistance, 20. Heterosis : Concepts and Theories, 21. Inbreeding Depression (I. D.), 22. Heritability and Genetic Advance, 23. Combining Ability, 24. Components of Variation, 25. Qualitative and Quantitative Characters, 26. Applications of Biotechnology to Plant Breeding, 27. Selection Methods in Early Segregating Populations, 28. Ideotype Breeding, 29. Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmer’s Right, 30. Marker-assisted Selection (MAS):, 31. Landmarks in Plant Breeding, 32. International Institutes For Crop Improvement, 33. References

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