AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION: As Related to Business Interests


Author: ABP

ISBN: 9789384502287

Binding:  Hardback

Year: 2017

Publisher: Agri BioVet Press

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  1. Reasons for the Publication of this Series of Articles Relative to Agricultural Extension,
  2. The Need of Local Organizations of Business and Professional Men for the Study and Development of Rural Conditions, and What Such Organizations Can Do in the Way of Bringing the Farmer in Closer Touch with the Various Forces that are Qualified to Teach Better Farming,
  3. Why Bankers, Merchants, Manufacturers, and Professional Men Should be Vitally Interested in Farm Development,
  4. Why Implement and Vehicle Manufacturers and Dealers Should, More than Any Other Class, be Desirous of Assisting in the Betterment of Farm and Rural Conditions,
  5. How to Organize, and Keep Going, a Farm Development Bureau,
  6. The Work of the United States Department of Agriculture, 7. Smith-Lever Act,
  7. Agricultural Colleges in the United States,
  8. The Work of State Universities and Colleges, and the Free Educational Advantages they Offer the Farmer,
  9. Experiment Stations.—Their Purposes and How Assistance for the Farmers May be Obtained Therefrom,
  10. The Work of the County Demonstration Agents, Boys’ Corn Clubs and Girls’ Canning Clubs, and What it Means to Foster and Develop these Organizations,
  11. Boys’ Clubs.—What they Can and Do Accomplish,
  12. Plans for Helping Boys’ and Girls’ Pig, Poultry, Baby Beef, and Canning Clubs,
  13. Rural Schools.—Part I. Consolidation of Schools; Part II. County Agricultural High Schools,
  14. How to Build up Communities Through Co-operative Clubs, and How Such Clubs May be Organized,
  15. The Agricultural Extension Department of the International Harvester Company.—Its Purposes, and What it Offers in the Way of Assistance to Local Organizations,
  16. The Newspaper.—Its Relationship and Duties Toward the Development of Farm and Rural Communities,
  17. What the American Bankers Association Has Done and is Doing in Farm Devolpment Work,
  18. What the Railroads are Doing in the Development of Farm and Rural Communities,
  19. How the Country Merchant or General Store Keeper Can Aid in Building up the Farms and in Developing Rural Communities,
  20. The New Task of the Rural Church,
  21. The Woman on the. Farm—Her Needs and the Forces Available for the Betterment of Her Condition,
  22. The Problem of Tenant and Landlord in the Cotton States,
  23. Rural Credits,
  24. Why the National Implement and Vehicle Association is interested in Farm Development

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