Author: MARSHALL, C.E.

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Year: 2017

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Part I–Morphology and Culture of Microorganisms

1. Elements of Microbial Cytology, 2. Molds (Thom) Cytology, 3. Yeasts (Bioletti) Cytology, 4. Bacteria (Frost) Cytology, 5. Filtrable Microorganisms, 6. Protozoa

Part II–Physiology of Microorganisms

Division I
1. Introduction, 2. Unit of Biological Activity, 3. A Study of Physical Forces Involved in Biological Activities, 4. Chemical Studies of the Contents of Microbial Cells.
Division II–Nutrition and Metabolism
1. Introduction, 2. Energy Requirements in Cellular Nutrition, 3. Mechanism of Metabolism, 4. Food of Microorganisms, 5. Products of Microbial Activities, 6. Physiological Variations Associated with Metabolism and Nutrition, 7. Nutrition of Microorganisms and the Rotation of Elements in Nature.
Division III–Physical Influences
1. Water as a Physical Factor, 2. Influence of Temperature, 3. Influence of Light and Other Rays, 4. Influence of Electricity, 5. Influence of Mechanical Agencies.
Division IV–Chemical Influences
1. Stimulation of Growth, 2. Inhibition of Growth.
Division V–Mutual Influences
1. Symbiosis

Part-III. Applied Microbiology

Division I–Microbiology of Air
1. The Microorganisms of the Air and Their Distribution, 2. Microbial Air Influence in Fermentation, Diseases, etc.
Division II–Microbiology of Water and Sewage
1. Microorganisms in Water, 2. Microbiology of Sewage.
Division III–Microbiology of Soil
1. Microorganisms As a Factor in Soil Fertility, 2. Decomposition of Organic Matter in the Soil, 3. Fixation of Atmospheric Nitrogen, 4. Changes in Inorganic Constituents.
Division IV–Microbiology of Milk and Milk Products
1. The Relation of Microorganisms to Milk, 2. The Relation of Microorganisms to Butter, 3. Relation of Microorganisms to Cheese, 4. Relation of Microorganisms to Some Special Dairy Products.
Division V–Microbiology of Foods
1. Desiccation, Evaporation and Drying of Foods, 2. Heat in the Preservation of Food Products, 3. The Preservation of Food by Cold, 4. Preservation of Food by Chemicals, 5. Microbiology of Fermented Foods, 6. Microbial Food Poisoning, 7. Microorganisms of the Digestive Tract.
Division VI–Microbiology of Alcoholic Fermentation and Derived Products
1. Wine, 2. Beer, 3. Miscellaneous Alcoholic Beverages and Products, 4. Manufacture of Vinegar.
Division VII–Microbiology of Special Industries
1. Special Industrial Fermented Products.
Division VIII–Microbiology of the Diseases of Man and Domestic Animals
1. Methods and Channels of Infection, 2. Immunity and Susceptibility, 3. Manufacture of Vaccines, 4. The Manufacture of Antisera and Other Biological Products Related to Specific Infectious Diseases, 5. Control of Infectious Diseases, 6. Microbial Diseases of Man and Domestic Animals.
Division IX–Microbial Diseases of Insects
Division X–Microbial Diseases of Plants
1. Introduction, 2. Blights, 3. Galls and Tumors, 4. Leaf Spots, 5. Rots, 6. Wilts, 7. Index of Contributors, 8. Index of Subjects.

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