Author: SHELDON, J.P

ISBN: 9789384502539

Binding:  Hardback

Year: 2018

Publisher: Agri BioVet Press

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Part I. The Dairy Herd

1. Dairy Farming a Profitable Business, 2. Evolution of the Dairy Cow, 3. Selection of Dairy Cows, 4. Selection of Dairy Sires, 5. Building Up a Dairy Herd, 6. Breeds of Dairy Cattle, 7. Feeding the Dairy Cow, 8. Silos and Silage, 9. Method of Keeping Herd Records, 10. Milking, 11. Herd Management, 12. Rearing the Dairy Calf, 13. Dairy Barn, 14. Handling Farm Manure, 15. Power on the Farm, 16. Diseases and Ailments of Dairy Cattle.

Part II. Milk and Its Products

17.Milk, 18. The Babcock Test, 19. Bacteria and Milk Fermentations, 20. Sanitary Milk Production, 21. Farm Butter-Making, 22. Farm Cheese-Making, 23. Starters, 24. Soft and Fancy Cheese-Making, 25. Cooling and Aeration of Milk and Cream, 26. How to Secure a Good Market, 27. Marketing Milk and Cream, 28. Ice Cream Making 29. Skimmilk-Buttermilk, 30. Certified Milk, 31. Relative Market Value of Milk and Its Products.

Part III. Supplement

32. Valuing Dairy Stock, 33. Legumes (Alfalfa and Clovers), 34. The Dairy House, 35. Washing and Sterilizing Milk Vessels, 36. Keeping Accounts, 37. Water and Ice Supply, 38. Dairy By-Products, 39. Machine Milking, 40. Pasteurization of Milk and Cream, 41. Calculating Dividends, 42. Appendix, 43. Index.

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