Author: MICHELS, J.

ISBN:  9789384502546

Binding:  Hardback

Year: 2018

Publisher: Agri BioVet Press

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1. Breeding and Selection of Dairy Cattle, 2. Breeds of Cattle, 3. Breeds of Cattle (Contd.), 4. Feeding and Treatment of Dairy Cattle, 5. Milking, Calving and Calf-Rearing, 6. Parturition and Diseases or Dangers Incidental to Calves and Dairy Stock, 7. Dairy Homesteads and Buildings, 8. The Origin of Soils, 9. Soils and Climates Suitable for Dairying, 10. Draining, 11. Manuring and Treatment of the Soil on Dairy Farms, 12. Forage Plants and Weeds, 13. Hay-Making, 14. Milk, 15. Cheese-Making, 16. Cheddar and Cheshire Cheese, 17. Derbyshire, Gloicester, Stilton and Other British Cheeses, 18. Cheese Factories in England, 19. Butter Making, 20. Artificial Butter, 21. Condensed Milk, 22. The Milk Trade, 23. Villa Dairying, 24. Dairy Farming in Ireland, 25. The Dairying of America, 26. The Dairy Cattle of America, 27. American Dairy Products, 28. American Milk Trade and City Supply, 29. American Farm Dairying—Methods and Processes, 30. American Dairy Implements and Machinery, 31. The American Factory System, 32. Dairy Work in American Factories, 33. Recent Modifications in American Cheese Making, 34. Canadian Dairyin, 35. Continental Dairying, 36. Pigs, Goats and Poultry, 37. The Commerce of the Dairy

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